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About Us

Aunt Sadie’s is located in the scenic Northeast Kingdom region of Vermont in a peaceful little town called Lunenburg. 

Amidst rolling hills, cradled by majestic mountains sits our home, a former horse farm. Every one of our candles is hand poured in the original bar and we live in the 1865 farmhouse. Our candle making artisans include family and friends, all native Vermonters. 

Aunt Sadie and her offspring: Richard; Arthur; Jane. Photo taken in 1947

About Aunt Sadie

Sadie Denton was a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. And yes, an aunt. She was an avid baker, using only the finest ingredients to create her legendary desserts. Aunt Sadie’s was founded to honor her life and we’ve applied her high standards to our candle-making process. We believe her spirit lives on in every candle that we hand pour.

Thanks for visiting us and letting us share some of our history with you. We never imagined when making our first candle in 1997 that Aunt Sadie might someday have fans and followers. For an unassuming old fashioned woman who shied away from recognition, these candles bearing her namesake and image have circled the globe. She’d surely have been mortified by the attention. She was a gentle, funny, generous, kind soul and the best grandma a child could ever hope for (she was Brian’s grandmother). Picture lazy afternoons a half century ago, snuggled on her aproned lap with one of her just-baked cookies, feeling that life couldn’t ever get any better than that. This is for you, Grandma.