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Personalize It

Aunt Sadie’s Candles Can Easily Be Personalized!

Aunt Sadie’s has been making candles for 20 years and yet many folks still don’t know that a large part of our business is personalization and private labels. We like to say ”it’s how to make our candles your candles’‘. And believe it or not, the cost for either option is the same as Aunt Sadie’s every day candles, there are no additional or hidden costs. Here are your options:

Personalized Candles. Choose any candle marked for personalization, provide us a name, occasion, location or greeting and we’ll text drop it into the existing label design. The minimum is 1 candle and the only restriction is we can’t use logos or alter the label art in this program (but we can in the Private Label Program below).

Private Label Candles. It‘s easier than you might think to develop one for your business or event (shower, wedding, anniversary, reunion, party). Choose one of our scents, provide us artwork for your label (photography, illustration, logo, vintage postcard) and we‘ll print and adhere the labels to our candles. If you wish, we’ll even help you design the label. Pretty simple and you only have to order 50 candles.